a small update.

i'm thinking about tilesets, and especially asset store tilesets, and how they're really, really good. like a lego set of video games. and sure, i guess that can be a bad thing if games are a business to you but honestly, its like. you can follow the instructions and make a Toa Tahu but the fun comes from taking the pieces yourself and making your original dude out of em. go ahead and use the entire 9 slice of grass texture as a brush instead of setting up autotiling, or whatever. 

anyways i added a bunch of stuff. the thing that used to be a tree but didn't look like a tree is now more definitively a mushroom. there's a set of roof tiles. there's trees that look like trees, but dead, because they died in the psychic swamp. there's a grass texture. i swapped around the building texture too since it was kinda messy? didn't like looking at it. 

that's all 


Psychic Swamp v2 40 kB
Dec 11, 2018

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