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  • C - Start
  • V - Select

A statement from the Video Memories Project:

Since wrapping up restoration work on Witch Machine back in 2019, the Video Memories Project's inbox has been full of messages from people offering to send us builds of unreleased Game Boy games on which they once worked.
While we can't respond to every message we receive — and we don't have the resources to restore every build we're offered — a team member will always reach out to you if we're interested in your unreleased game build.
As an apology for our radio silence over the past year, we wanted to take this opportunity to finally release a game that we've been working hard to restore!
FALLSTAR was developed by "Team Slime," a group of friends trying to make an arcade shooter that would outshine the very basic ports of big-name arcade titles like Space Invaders and Galaga, which dominated the genre on the Game Boy.
Ultimately, the game's publisher annulled their contract. A company representative explained that they had no interest in challenging industry titans behind the games that Team Slime wanted FALLSTAR to take on. Discouraged from putting more time, effort, and money into the game, the friends cut their losses, halting work on FALLSTAR in the final months of its development and dissolving Team Slime as a corporate entity. 
There has been plenty of innovation in the handheld arcade shooter space in the three decades since the Game Boy was released, but our team members keep going back to FALLSTAR. Sometimes it's to try different crew member abilities; other times, it's to take down the bosses that punctuate the game's intelligently generated stages.
Having played the game so much ourselves, we felt compelled to restore and release FALLSTAR for everyone else to enjoy, too!
  • Character art and animation - austinbrook (@austindotorg), jane underscore (@janederscore), victoria lacroix (@arachonteur)
  • Character design - austinbrook, victoria lacroix, mabel mabel
  • Cover art - austinbrook 
  • Fake ad copy - blues (@blues_turn_gold)
  • Gilmore Girls expert - austinbrook
  • Portrait art - gwen lawson (@reziarts), sid vesper
  • Programming - victoria lacroix
  • Audio - austinbrook, victoria lacroix
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Authorvictoria lacroix


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in space no one can hear you.

in space no one can bury you.

we would bury something in this game though. if we could.

our hearts.

space hearts.


this rules


Very cool game! Any plans for more content?

Feel free to hop into stream where I played your game or join the community discord ;)

discord code:




good and handsome